Lower visits tracked with public script edit

resolved Start of incident: Dec 24, 2019 7:00 pm UTC

As a transparent company, we also share our issues. On December 24th at 19:00 PM UTC we deployed a new version of our script to add the real time visits feature. We also added way more features in that script. After testing this in mulitple browsers we were confident that it was production ready.

Unfortualty some customers saw less traffic for a few days. Because it was only effecting a handful of clients, we didn’t saw this directly. Luckily some clients told us about it and we reverted the script after we couldn’t fix the bug fast.

Anyhow, we keep on working hard on being the best privacy friendly analytics tool out there. We are implementing heavy automated tests for our public scripts and some kind of beta users program where we can run scripts next to each other. This way we can always detect our new scripts in the wild.

Sorry again and thank you for your support which keeps us motivated to work on something as cool as Simple Analytics.

Please contact us if anything is not working correctly via email or twitter